The VisionRedefining beauty and dynamism.

as an inward virtue that blossoms on the outside, and displaying the splendor and craftsmanship of God in his creation

Children Playing
At Miss Blossom Beauty, We display the splendor and creation of the almighty God and vary into dimensions of creativity. See the manifestations of these young ladies and their dynamism in embracing societal challenges, displaying decent living, unprecedented intelligence and ultimately, being an example to their peer groups.


AFRICODIP is a tool set out to show case the uniqueness in our differences, yet expressing the bond in our similarities. AFRICODIP takes the centre stage to redeem our Cultures and showcase the African dynamism. AFRICODIP UNITES AFRICA.
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The Mission StatementMentoring the girl child.

We are determined to redeem the girl child through this exciting and all-embracing entertainment medium, Pageantry. Miss Blossom Beauty Pageant is reforming and redirecting their energies to the right values.