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“Miss Blossom Beauty Pageant” is a pageant with a difference, its not the every day pageant of exploitation and exposure, but this is about giving the lives of people a meaning, teaching them a new way of living. The concept behind the name “Miss Blossom Beauty” was coined when in April 2007 the Blossom club was formed and founded by Rev Tammy Abusi who signed up with FM Group world as a distributor in Nigeria: a company that deals with a wide range of fragrances. Hence we tagged this pageant, “Miss Blossom Beauty of fm perfumes”.

Our Beauty pageant is unusual as earlier said. We intend through this medium to correct the ills of exploiting ladies, by empowering at least (100) a hundred of all the Aspirants in a lucrative business venture that can last a life time, with a three months training. We also trust that within the year, such persons will be closely mentored to succeed, so as to showcase them in the next year’s event. As part of our grooming, we intend to lodge twenty of the aspirants in camp one week before the event.

They will be tutored, mentored and trained on a lot of issues that borders on life, vision, aspirations and success. They will also visit some interesting places and meet with people of influence and affluence of our society. This Activity week will eventually metamorphose into what we have tagged, ”Blossom Blanket” (season1). This is a TV viewing programme that wills also enable viewing to as many persons as were not able to attend the actual event. This programme will be a quarterly TV series. This event promises to be exciting, enlightening, educating and most especially empowering.

Our Mission

Mentoring the girl child; nurturing the tender youth by information, interaction and creative activities, and planting DECENT AND WELL LIVING AMBASSADORS in all the states of Nigeria and internationally.

Our Vision

Redefining beauty and dynamism; as an inward virtue that blossoms on the outside, and displaying the splendor and craftsmanship of God in his creation.

The Future

Our events are positioned to create guided activities within the year for the young ones/teenagers, discovering and teaching them boldness, bravery, entrepreneurship, friendliness and cross gender relational issues.

Our Vision

Miss Blossom Beauty is a brain child of Messy Ms mysteries Nig.

MESSY MS MYSTERIES NIG is a registered outfit that is involved in helping people discover themselves by becoming all that God has destined and designed them to be. We are involved in youth empowerment by raising people to be financially independent, earning residual income through the multilevel marketing (MLM) system.

PERSONNELThe Management

Tammy Clarizza — Governor

Angel Macdestiny — Administrator

Pst Elvis Iruh — Counselling & Training

David B. — Branding


The Parent Body

Messymsmysteries Nig was formally inaugurated in 2005 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria. The Ministry is headed by Rev Tammy Abusi who was ordained by Bishop Clinton Lloyd Batiestte of Redemption Faith Ministries, Canada.

MMM is involved in helping people discover themselves by becoming all that God has designed them to be. Be what God wants you to be.

Event Management
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Country/City tours

OUR MANDATE (Galatians2: 20-21paraphrase)
I am crucified with Christ and no longer live, but Christ lives in me. All my pains, experiences, failures, challenges and glories that I live by in this body is by faith in Christ Jesus, the son of God, who loved me and died for me. I share also with the world because; I do not set aside my disgrace and shame; for if righteousness can be gained by the law, CHRIST DIED FOR NOTHING! This is my confidence.